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Layer Cake 2015

Design for human flourishing: the design of 10 public floors within a hybrid livingtower for people over 65, targeting flourishing of residents, and attracting visitors and neighbours.

1 hybrid living tower: 40 private floors interlarded with 10 public floors
10 groups of master students in interior architecture
10 designs for human flourishing

To start, a social program for each public floor was chosen based on interviewdata that gave insight in the living environment, needs and aspirations for the future of people over 65. A library, a museum and a sportscenter were examples of chosen programs.

Students were challenged to design their public program in a way that it was interesting and serviceable for each ‘type’ of elderly person: an active 65-year old, a physically challenged 80-year old, or a 90-year old with dementia, and at the same time create an attractive social space for visitors and neighbours.

To enrich their social concept in a way that it supports people over 65 in flourishing, a framework containing the ‘building blocks of elderly flourishing’ was applied. These building blocks contain information on what human characteristics should be stimulated and supported to help people flourish. In that way, the library became an ‘ex libris’, a place where the person behind the book plays the central part, the museum was transformed into a place where memories were displayd, and the classic sportscenter was designed as a sport-o-rama, in which the experiences of ‘winning’ and ‘scoring’ were integrated. An architectural layer cake for social interaction.

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Een aantal masterstudenten namen deel aan de workshop in BUDALAB n.a.v. Interieur Kortrijk samen met studenten van LUCA Brussel en de TU Delft.