The master’s project consists of an individual trajectory or a group trajectory.

In the individual trajectory, the student links the content of the master’s thesis (supported by the seminar) to the master’s project (supported by the design studio) . The master’s thesis involves conducting research in function of the master’s project. The master’s project, in turn, builds upon the thesis through the application of the conducted research to a concrete location with programme. The individual trajectory is the most demanding trajectory and is mainly directed to those students who wish to turn their master’s test into a very personal project. These students get all necessary space and guidance. Fascination is the key to success.

In the group trajectory students do not directly link the content of their master’s thesis to the master’s project. For their project, students participate in the master’s design studio with a research theme that is proposed and developed by the coordinator of the studio. This means that the student’s master’s project fits within a research theme that is put on the agenda by the design studio coordinator for three academic years. It involves a common site and a collective guidance trajectory, involving sessions of individual guidance and collective learning (lectures, practice).

Also within this group trajectory the student makes individual choices. He or she chooses a concrete site, creates a programme within the overarching theme, brings elements of personal research into the design. As a result, each master’s project turns into a unique design.

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