Assessment of Low Carbon Society Policy Instruments


The ALPI BELSPO project on Assessment of Low Carbon Society Policy Instruments is a collaboration between UGent, RBINS, Ulg (Tax Institute) and UHasselt CMK & ARCK.
The overall objective of the ALPI project is twofold:

  • to contribute to science by quantitatively simulating and comparing the impact of certain user-defined policy instruments on emission reductions and 
  • at the same time give Belgian policy makers scientifically sound evidence of the impact of these instruments and how they are best designed, implemented and streamlined with other policies.

To achieve the objectives within a two-year program, the ALPI project will work through relevant case-studies. In each case-study at least two policy instruments will be evaluated. Case-studies are selected as such that firstly different economic sectors are covered, that secondly type of instruments can vary and that thirdly investments in energy-efficiency and renewable energy are tackled.

Period: 1/1/2015 – 31/12/2016

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