Development of a methodology for architects for the assessment and integration of sustainable material use from the early design phase on


The focus of sustainability in building design is shifting from energy performance towards a more global environmental impact assessment. Building materials represent a significant share of the environmental impact. For now, architects are insufficiently aware of this upcoming matter. Existing environmental impact assessment tools are inadequate for usage by architects during the design process. Therefore, this PhD research project focusses on the architect-friendliness of environmental impact assessment tools. The aim is to develop insights on usability and user-friendliness from the viewpoint of the architect and add these insights to an existing model or tool. The final goal is to obtain an architect-friendly tool for the assessment and integration of sustainable material use in building design, that can be used from the early design phase on. The research project started in October 2013 at Hasselt University and since January 2015, it is funded by a PhD grant from IWT-Vlaanderen.


PhD student: Elke Meex

Promotor: Griet Verbeeck and (co-promotor) Elke Knapen

Funding: IWT-Vlaanderen (PhD grant, since 01/2015)

Period: 01/10/2013 – 31/12/2018


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