EcoTown is a serious game on the renovation of a family home. In an interactive and fun way, young and older people gain insights in the concepts of energy efficient renovations. The goal of the game is to renovate a house of the sixties to an energy efficient building. Through playing missions, players get information about products and services related to renovation. They learn about the interdependence of certain products and can experiment with different choices. By playing the different levels of the game, players can improve the house to an A+++ building.

 In cooperation with Firewolf Engineering and Dubolimburg, the Sustainability group of ArcK examines the technical content layer of the game and develops and implements a prototype. Finally, the content and performance of this prototype is tested among the target audience, i.e. people with renovation plans and construction professionals. The Sustainability group of ArcK is responsible for delivering and analyzing the technical content. This will result in a matrix of products and services with energy performance characteristics and a simplified energy performance calculation model. Firewolf Engineering examines the technical aspects of implementing the data and the computational model in an efficient way in a serious game. DuboLimburg partly contributes to the sustainability aspects, but will focus mainly on the composition of test groups and the gathering of test results.


Researchers: Nanette Huysmans, Griet Verbeeck

Other project partners: Firewolf Engineering and Dubolimburg

Funding: CICI (Call for Innovation with the Creative Industries 2014)

Period: Sept 2014 - Oct 2015

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