FRAME is an interdisciplinary research collective consisting of researchers from both the arts (MAD-Research) and (interior) architecture (ArcK).


FRAME wants to explore unconventional forms of knowledge in order to develop new ways of thinking in/about space and image. We are interested in works of art and architecture and in cultural theory as a tool for critical analysis. Besides that we also explore the specific poetics and methods that allow these works to emerge. The artistic or architectural practice itself is thus a substantial part of the research domain. The act of making sets forth a way of thinking in and through images and spaces. 


FRAME takes image, in the broadest sense of the word, as a starting point. We are not only interested in images that can literally be ‘framed’, like paintings, drawings, pictures, but also in sculptures, installations, interiors, buildings, landscapes, literary texts and even metaphors and philosophical concepts. Patient perception and analysis of these broadly defined ‘images’ offers us a new way of gaining knowledge, a new kind of thinking. This results in a broadening of our definition of knowledge as emerging from a body that experiences, from meaningful encounters in a specific environment. It includes intellectual, but above all sensorial, embodied and emotional processes.

Researchers (Arck) :

Prof. dr. Kris Pint
Prof. arch. Saidja Heynickx
dr. ir. arch. Remco Roes
dra. Maria Gil Ulldemolins
dra. Linde Van Den Bosch
Aarnoud De Rycker

Researchers (Arck-MAD):

dr. Carla Swerts
dra. Griet Moors

Former researchers :
drs. arch. Koen Van Synghel

PhD Research (Arck):

  • Het binnenlandschap doorkruisen: vijf dialogen in wezenlijke ruimte
  • De architectuurkritische dimensie in de beeldende kunst
  • Dwelling in the Denkraum: Repurposing Catholic spaces and transforming Warburg’s Bilderatlas into a methodology for sensorial research.
  • Adaptive Reuse from within: tools for an empathic approach



  • Innovatief Onderwijsproject "schetsatlas" van UH, videotutorials schetshandvaardigheden, registratie + ontsluiting.