Living Lab projects Mutatie+, Ecoren and Werfgoed


The Sustainability group of ArcK is involved in 3 living lab projects: Mutatie+, Ecoren and Werfgoed. The main purpose of these projects is to renovate residential buildings to be more energy efficient, but each project has a different emphasis:

  • Mutatie+: combination of energy efficiency and universal design, renovation in between occupation (project website
  • Ecoren: development of prefabricated modules, renovation while the house is occupied (project website:
  • Werfgoed: mobilization of private owners to participate in collective renovation projects

An important part of the research by ArcK is to investigate the decision making process of the house owners. Why do/don’t they renovate their homes? How can we motivate them to do so?

Researchers: Griet Verbeeck, Lies Boesmans, Jasmien Herssens

Funding: IWT-Vlaanderen (Vlaamse Proeftuinen Woningrenovatie)

Period: Aug 2014 - Aug 2018


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