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Housing as a research subject has many different social, economic and spatial dimensions. Understanding housing and providing adequate and reliable information concerning housing demands the contribution of several academic disciplines. The research team of this project therefore is a multidisciplinary team, consisting of economists, sociologists, geographers, architects, engineers and researchers in public administration. Elaborating on the collaboration we set up within the Sustainable Housing Policy Knowledge Centre 2004-2006 (Kenniscentrum Duurzaam Woonbeleid) and the Policy Research Centre for Spatial Planning and Housing 2007-2011 (Steunpunt Ruimte en Wonen) we make interdisciplinary working the core of our working method.

The research project is a collaboration between KU Leuven (CES, HIVA, OSA & LUCA), UHasselt-ARCK and OTB-TU Delft.

The aim of the Steunpunt Wonen (as defined by the Flemish government) is to provide objective information on the actual and desired situation on the Flemish housing market and to contribute in this way to a long term vision indicating the direction in which the Flemish housing policy should evolve to realize the constitutional right to decent and affordable housing for every household. Specific points of interest are the energy efficiency of the dwellings and urban policy.

The Steunpunt Wonen 2012-2016 especially provides information to fill the knowledge gap that was detected when the Flemish administration started the preparations for a Flemish Housing Policy Plan. The research lines are:

  • the follow up and analysis of the data of the Large Housing Survey 2013
  • the measurement of the vacancy rate, non-official residents, and informal housing
  • the gathering and analysis of data concerning groups underrepresented in large scale surveys, in especially concerning the bottom end of the housing market and private landlords
  • the analysis of the EPC-database
  • the development of policy indicators
  • research on the effects of housing policy
  • research concerning the territorial selectivity of housing policy
  • the answering of short term research questions

The Sustainability Group of ARCK is responsible for the analysis of the energy –related data of the Large Housing Survey 2013, for the analysis of the EPC database and for the relation between fiscal incomes and use of energy subsidies.

As a consequence of the implementation of the EPBD concerning the introduction of energy performance certificates (EPC) in Flanders, an EPC database has been set up. Up to now, it contains more than 700.000 certificates of existing houses, apartments and collective residential buildings. Within the research program of the Policy Research Center Housing, the Sustainability group of ArcK is responsible for establishing a statistical analysis model, for single and multiple parameter frequency analysis and correlation analysis. The statistical analysis model will be established in a way that it facilitates a yearly update of the content analysis of the EPC database, during the project by Hasselt University and after the project by VEA. The yearly update of this content analysis will also lead to insights in the evolution of the overall energy performance of the existing housing stock. The results of the EPC will be confronted with additional information sources, such as the results from the land register, the new Housing Survey 2013 and the Eurostat survey among 1800 households. Beside the statistical analysis of the EPC database, the Sustainability group is also responsible for the analysis of energy related aspects and energy subsidies within the Housing Survey 2013 and the relation between fiscal incomes and the use of energy subsidies.

All publications are available on the website of Steunpunt Wonen (mainly in Dutch).


Researchers: Wesley Ceulemans, Griet Verbeeck

Presentations of seminar on 'De energiekwaliteit van het Vlaamse woningenpark, kennisopbouw aan de hand van de beschikbare data'

PeriodJan 2012 - Dec 2015


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