The research of the Sustainability Research and Education Team is closely linked to the growing need to deal with the built environment in a more sustainable way, not only when designing new buildings, but also when dealing with existing buildings. Although the concept of sustainable building has become commonplace, this does not mean that the practice of sustainable architecture has become commonplace, on the contrary. The integration of sustainability by architects during the design process often still falls short. Also among households, there is a clear gap between intentions and actual decisions. Finally, buildings that are sustainably designed on plan, are not always effectively sustainable in practice. Therefore, the objectives of our research are (1) to contribute to the scientific founding of sustainable architecture mainly at building level and with a focus on comfort, energy and material performance and (2) to contribute to supporting the decision making process of both architects and building owners towards more sustainable designs, in line with the ambitions of the EU and Flanders for nearly zero energy buildings and more sustainable material use.