Synergies in combining Energy and Universal Design renovations in individual housing


Deep energy renovations as well as renovations for life-long living are needed in order to support environmental, economic and social goals. There has been a wealth of research on energy efficiency measures for renovations in the residential building sector, while the rapidly growing field of Universal Design has also produced research on renovations for life-long living. Despite the interrelation between the two types of renovation measures, they are considered separately in research so far.


 This PhD looks into the possible synergies and conflicts of combining renovations for energy and universal design and whether this combination can advance the adoption of either or both types of measures. Both technical and social/psychological factors are considered in how they impact the choices of households for energy and/or universal design renovation measures. The PhD research is coupled with the Flemish Living Lab "Mutatie+ " research project where several public, private, and educational partners collaborate on testing the idea that integrated design and execution of renovations for energy and universal design can lead to better renovation concepts and to important savings in time and money.


PhD student: Ermal Kapedani

Promotor: Griet Verbeeck

Period: 01/03/2015 – 28/02/2019

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